Individual Instruction and Coaching 

The work that helping professionals – social workers, counselors, doctors, nurses, CNA’s, teachers, caregivers and others – do, is privileged and meaningful.  But, it can also be very demanding and stressful.  Those of us in the helping professions are often challenged with responding to the pain and difficulties of those we care for at work while also caring for family and friends at home.  Increasingly, we  have fewer resources but larger workloads. These challenges frequently create chronic and high levels of stress which can take a physical, mental and emotional toll and sometimes lead to burnout.  It is important for helping professionals to take self-care seriously and to be proactive about it.

I believe that making mindfulness and meditation instruction accessible to helping professionals is essential – accessible in terms of approach as well as in location and schedule.  In an effort to reduce the stress of time and travel for my clients, I offer instruction to helping professionals in their place of work as well as via online video conferencing.  The ability to interact with, to discuss experiences and to ask questions of an instructor is highly supportive of developing a consistent and sustainable practice – the key to experiencing all of the wellness benefits that mindfulness and meditation have to offer.  I would love to help you start a mindful self-care practice!

You can’t pour from a empty cup.

Take care of yourself first.

– Unknown

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