Mindfulness and Meditation Training for Helping Professionals

Cultivating wellness through meditation and mindful self-care


Roberta Ward, MSW, LCSW, CMMI

“If stress has you anxious, tense and worried, consider trying meditation… Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and overall health.” – The Mayo Clinic

Individual Instruction and Coaching

  • I provide 1-on-1 instruction in Mindfulness and Meditation from a wellness perspective
  • My background as both a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and as an experienced LCSW equips me to understand and respond to the unique self-care needs of helping professionals
  •  I offer services in the workplace or via videoconferencing to accommodate your already busy and demanding schedule (no travel stress!)

Small Group Workplace Instruction

  • I have created a 4-week “Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation as Self-Care” curriculum designed especially for helping professionals
  • I teach techniques – not traditions – which are grounded in science-backed benefits. This allows people from diverse backgrounds to feel comfortable learning and using the practices
  • 4 weekly one-hour sessions are conveniently held at your workplace and are scheduled to accommodate the needs of the attendees – typically 4 – 6 people

Educational Presentations

  • I offer presentations that are both educational and experiential which introduce groups to the basics of and the science behind practicing Mindfulness and Meditation for stress management and wellness
  • My clinical background enables me to present on these topics to helping professionals with insight and understanding
  • I create fully customized presentations that can be tailored to the unique needs of any group

what people are saying

“I greatly enjoyed Roberta’s training on Mindfulness and Meditation. The material is an invaluable part of my professional and personal life. I highly recommend utilizing Roberta’s services, you won’t regret it.”

Scott S., LCPC


Each year, RMU has a Fall Methods Conference designed for faculty and centered around enriching, stimulating topics that will set the tone for the coming year. Roberta was invited to be the keynote speaker; her style was both professional and educational. She was well-spoken and guided the faculty through a presentation that included research, theory, and practice. Post-conference feedback from our faculty gave Roberta’s presentation two thumbs up. We can’t wait to have her back to share more on meditation and mindfulness.

Catherine S., Ed.D.

Teaching Institute Coordinator

“Roberta is an eloquent speaker and brings an ease and comfort to her audience. She is passionate about Mindfulness and Meditation and clearly illustrates how important these practices can be for both personal and professional life. As a hospice social worker, self-care is critical to maintaining balance and longevity in the field. Roberta demonstrates how utilizing mindfulness practices can decrease our daily stress and positively impact the work we do. By the end of the presentation, I was ready to sign up for a course!”

Lauren K., MSW, LCSW

Hospice Social Worker

“The Meditation and Mindful series Roberta led couldn’t have come at a better time for me. The tools and techniques we learned were just what I needed to calm my anxiety and ease my stress. The sessions were both therapeutic and educational. I have been able to call on my new skills whenever and wherever I need them. Gently led, each session offered opportunities to find peace. Blessed peace.”

Carol P.

Human Resources Professional

“I would encourage anyone and everyone to give Mindful Meditation with Roberta a try. For the most skeptical to those already convinced of meditation’s benefits, Roberta has a beautiful way of bringing the practice to where you are. Her thoughtful manner, gentle voice and positive spirit help you find calm and peace within. At the very least, the experience will improve your day, but it might just change your life… it did mine :).”

Laura R., PT

Pediatric Physical Therapist

“Although I had been familiar with mindfulness and meditation for several years, Roberta brought a fresh perspective. I felt like I had a personal coach. She normalized my concerns and brought encouragement and motivation. It was a very thorough program with many handouts, and explanation of biology of the nervous system, as well. Roberta was a pleasure and made this experience most enjoyable. I would highly recommend her.”

Faye M., LCSW


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