Roberta Ward, LCSW, CMMI


About Me

I began meditating in 2010 after my mother had a stroke and my father died in the same week. At the time, I was raising 2 teenage daughters, working, volunteering and my husband was traveling every week for work. This crisis pushed me past my ability to cope. The stress that I was under resulted in frequent anxiety, migraines and difficulty sleeping.

As a social worker, I knew the value of self-care but, as is often the case, I was better at caring for others than for myself. I found that the self-care strategies that I had used in the past were not sufficient and I began searching for ways to better manage my stress. I tried many helpful things but nothing was as effective as learning to meditate and incorporating mindfulness practices into my daily life.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness has changed my relationship with stress and the impact on my physical, mental and emotional well-being has been transformational. So much so, that I decided that I wanted to devote myself to sharing the benefits of meditation and mindfulness with others as a certified instructor. I am deeply grateful for the gifts of meditation and mindfulness in my life and for the opportunity to support others in their journey toward greater peace and wholeness.

My Approach

I combine my training and experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and as a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor to support people who struggle with the symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety.   I help them to achieve greater emotional, mental and physical well-being through the practices of Mindfulness and Meditation, which I teach in an accessible and sustainable way.

I teach techniques not traditions.  This is, in no way, intended to minimize the many wisdom traditions from around the world in which these techniques have their roots.  For many people, the teachings and rituals of these traditions provide great meaning and richness.  For other people, however, these teachings and rituals can create a barrier to learning to practice Mindfulness and Meditation.  By teaching the techniques from a wellness perspective, grounded in a growing body of scientific research, people from any faith tradition or no faith tradition at all can feel comfortable learning to meditate.

Once students have an established practice as a foundation, they can grow, deepen or personalize their practice in any way that feels meaningful to them.  I believe in supporting people where they are and in the ways that work best for them.  It is my hope to help others find greater peace and wellness through the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation.

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