Individual Instruction Sessions

If you are interested in learning to meditate but feel confused or overwhelmed about where to start, you are in the right place!  I offer personalized instruction to help you begin and maintain a daily meditation practice and to start living more mindfully.                       


I offer 1-on-1 instruction via my secure online portal.  Each live video session is 75 minutes long.  My approach is to de-mystify meditation and make it as “user friendly” as possible.  I teach techniques not traditions and start wherever you are.  I provide research-based education on the physical, mental and emotional benefits of practicing Mindfulness Meditation, assist you in identifying and responding to any challenges you may face and help you to develop a consistent daily practice.

  • receive individual instruction with a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor
  • practice techniques not traditions through a wellness-based approach
  • learn the 3 Necessary Ingredients and the 5 Essentials of Meditation
  • have opportunities to ask questions and share experiences with an experienced instructor as you are learning
  • schedule your sessions from anywhere at times that are convenient for you

Research suggests that practicing meditation can:

  • decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression
  • lower blood pressure
  • decrease emotional reactivity
  • increase emotional regulation
  • reduce muscle tension and pain
  • enhance attention, concentration, memory and creativity
  • improve sleep
  • enhance overall sense of well-being

$60 per 75 minute session or 3 sessions for $150

 Small Group Workplace Instruction

Have you ever talked with your coworkers about  wanting to better manage stress?  This course will teach you and your colleagues the What, the Why and the How of practicing Mindfulness and Meditation for Self-Care.  Benefits for you and for your whole work team!


In this 3 week course, I will give you compelling reasons and a straightforward “how-to” plan cultivating an effective daily Mindfulness Meditation-based self-care practice. I will demystify Mindfulness and Meditation and teach you techniques and practices to calm your mind and body and to settle your nervous system.


Each session will include education, experiential practices/guided meditations and group sharing

Topics include:

  • The Impact of Chronic Stress on Well-being
  • What is Mindfulness?  What is Meditation? How do they help with stress?
  • 3 Ingredients for Meditation
  • 5 Essentials for practicing Meditation
  • Research-backed benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Setting yourself up for daily practice and better self-care

Minimum group size:  3

Maximum group size:  6


Cultivate greater wellness and productivity in your work environment through the research-backed benefits of practicing meditation:

  • decreased stress and emotional reactivity
  • enhanced attention, concentration and creativity
  • improved overall sense of well-being

This shared experience will allow members of your group to support and encourage each other in developing and maintaing your Mindfulness Meditation practice. 




$175 per person for 3 weeks of instruction provided at your workplace *

Minimum group size:  3

Maximum group size:  6

Educational Presentations

If you would like to introduce Mindfulness and Meditation for Wellness to a larger group, personalized educational presentations can be an effective way to do that.  These PowerPoint presentations can be fully customized to meet your wants and needs.


In every presentation I do, I believe that it is important to provide attendees with a conceptual understanding of Mindfulness and Meditation, with the science behind the benefits and with some experiential practices.  My goal is for attendees to leave the presentation with a clear understanding of the “what, how and why” of the techniques which then serves as a solid foundation for those who decide that they would like to explore and learn more.

  • I offer fully customizable educational presentations for groups of any size. 
  • PowerPoint presentations range from a 1-hour “Lunch and Learn” format to longer workshops with a more extensive experiential component. 
  • Summary materials are provided.
  • Deliver a unique wellness offering to members of your workplace or group
  • Provide an introduction to the practice and benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation to a large audience in a single gathering
  • Promote enhanced self-care among members of your workplace or group

Pricing starts at $200.  Please call to discuss setting up a presentation designed to meet your specific needs.

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